Account Management


1. Create Project

In the project dashboard, click on the New Project button


It will open a slide to configurate the new project. For that, you need to add a name. And then, you need to put your database data: username, password, address, port and default DB name


1.1 Import existing project

If you already have a project model on format .txt, you can import the project by clicking in the Import schema button. That it will open an editor for you configurate your project. In this editor, you must add c: before the project name so that it is created


After configurating the project, click on the Create project button. You will be redirected to the Schema tab of your project right after


2. Delete Project

To delete a project, you need to go back to the dashboard and click on the gear next to the name of the project you want to delete. Then, click on the Delete schema button and confirm your action

Be aware!

Remember that this action cannot be undone!

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Connecting Database